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Introducing the Siberian Tower—a sophisticated, stylish, and exceptionally strong cat tree that will captivate both you and your feisty feline companion.

Designed with an XXL size, this cat tree provides the perfect outlet for your cat to release energy and engage in mental stimulation. It offers an impressive and robust 20cm diameter column—the largest available on the market today. Your cat will relish in the opportunity to dig their claws into the column, expertly navigating their way to the summit where a cozy bedding perching area awaits.

The Siberian Tower presents your cat with a choice—curling up inside the cozy cat cave for a hidden retreat or perching on the open platform, enjoying an unobstructed view of the world around them.

With its stylish soft cream color, this majestic cat tree effortlessly blends into your home decor, complementing your interior design and adding a touch of elegance to your space.

Built to withstand even the most vigorous scratching sessions, the Siberian Tower boasts exceptional strength and durability. It is perfect for larger breeds or cats with an intense scratching habit, ensuring it remains intact and providing a safe and engaging environment for your furry friend.

Indulge your cat with the Siberian Tower—a remarkable combination of style, strength, and practicality. Watch as your feline companion revels in the expansive climbing opportunities and relishes the cozy perching area. Enhance your home with this magnificent cat tree, offering a sanctuary that satisfies your cat’s natural instincts while elevating your interior aesthetics.

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Base 60 x 60 cm
height 153 cm
sisal trunks Ø 20cm