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SKU: BP0081-C + BP-HM-C-20

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The Royal Coon Cat Tree De Luxe (Cream) from Cat Tree UK is an exquisitely handcrafted cat tree that is guaranteed to capture your feline friend’s imagination. This fantastic cat tree has been designed specifically for larger breeds, boasting unrivaled strength, stability, and heavy weight construction.

With a stylish and contemporary creme/white natural wood texture finish, this cat tree will make a fantastic addition to any home. The Royal Coon Cat Tree De Luxe (Cream) features four separate cozy platforms for your feline friend to relax and play, providing the perfect environment for a happy and content kitty.

Connecting each of the platforms is a massive sisal scratching post that measures a whopping 20 cm in diameter – the largest available on the market today. These posts are perfect for your feline friend to stretch their backs and scratch to their heart’s content.

The penthouse platform comes with a gorgeously upholstered quilted pillow finished with cozy fabric that feels great against your cat’s fur. At over 40 kg in weight, this cat tree is built to last, no matter what your cat or cats can throw at it.

Built to the highest quality European standards, the Royal Coon Cat Tree De Luxe (Cream) comes with easy-to-follow instructions so you can get it up and running as soon as possible. The hammocks can withstand weights of up to 23 kg, making it perfect for households with multiple cats.

Standing at a height of 157cm, this cat tree also makes the perfect lookout point for your cat to observe the world outside. It’s no wonder that the Royal Coon Cat Tree De Luxe (Cream) is one of the most popular products at Cat Tree UK. We absolutely love it, but not half as much as your feline friend will when they place their paws on this magnificent and stunning cat tree for the very first time.

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Posts with natural sisal 20cm in diameter. Total 45KG in weight

Large lying place on top 60x43x15 (Pillow of 5cm thick and quilted included)

Plates 55x55cm and hanging-mat 44cm (Tested up to 23KG)

The new 2021 Hammock! A combination between a hammock and a pillow. 

Base stand 60 x 60 x 4.5cm