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Discover the epitome of feline luxury with PawHut’s Rolka Cat Tree—a sprawling, 170 cm-tall sanctuary meticulously designed to cater to every nuance of your cat’s lifestyle. Whether your furry friend is in the mood for exploration, relaxation, or a bit of spirited play, the Rolka offers an array of options to satisfy their whims.

Constructed with robust particle board and swathed in a sumptuous, warm grey plush fabric, the Rolka emanates an inviting aura while promising enduring durability. From the plush padded perches that offer a sky-high vantage point to the snug, cushioned cat houses providing a perfect hideaway, this cat tree is an embodiment of comfort and luxury. Each element is designed to make your pet’s time as fulfilling as possible, offering a blend of stimulation and tranquility.

Let’s talk about one of the most important aspects for any cat owner: keeping the furniture scratch-free. The Rolka comes with sisal rope-wrapped posts, which not only provide an irresistible scratching surface but also serve to keep your cat’s claws in optimum condition. It’s an excellent way to channel their natural urge to scratch into a designated area, saving your furniture from unsightly damage.

For those times when your cats are feeling playful, the Rolka offers an added dash of excitement with not one, but three dangling toys. These toys tap into your cat’s natural hunting instincts, encouraging interactive play and providing endless hours of engagement.

Despite its complex array of features, assembling the Rolka is a breeze. The package includes a straightforward instruction manual that makes setting up your cat’s new paradise simple and hassle-free. The neutral grey hue ensures it blends effortlessly into various interior decors, making it a versatile choice for any home. With dimensions measuring 170H x 50L x 50W cm and a weight capacity of 10 kg, this cat tree is designed to accommodate felines of all sizes and activity levels.

The PawHut Rolka Cat Tree transcends the label of mere ‘pet furniture.’ It’s an enriching, life-enhancing habitat that promotes both mental and physical well-being for your feline companions. Make this multi-level playground a part of your home, and offer your cats a lifestyle marked by comfort, play, and plenty of opportunities for exploration.

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Dimensions: 170H x 50L x 50Wcm. First cat box: 24H x 44L x 27Wcm. Second cat box: 24H x 27L x 27Wcm. Bottom board: 48.5L x 48.5Wcm. Packaging dimensions: 25H x 50L x 50Wcm