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Showcasing The Ourania Tortoise Table, a masterful blend of chic cabinet design and pet-centered functionality. Carved from the finest pinewood and accentuated with indispensable features, this table offers your tortoise an exquisite and nurturing environment. With The Ourania Tortoise Table, you don’t just offer your pet a habitat; you introduce an art piece into your living space.

Key Features:

  1. Luxurious Pinewood Cabinet: Constructed from 18mm pinewood, the table manifests a sophisticated and enduring charm, setting a high standard for pet furniture.
  2. All-Encompassing Features: The table incorporates an integrated house, a gradual ramp for seamless access, protective mesh lids, and a dedicated lamp holder, establishing a holistic environment for your tortoise.
  3. Magnetic Catch Doors: Thoughtfully designed, the cabinet comes with hinged doors equipped with magnetic catches, ensuring easy access and firm closure.
  4. Customized Design Options: Tailored to suit varying needs, the smaller version measuring 120cm x 60cm features a singular expansive door, while the larger variant of 150cm x 60cm, as showcased in the pictures, boasts a dual-door design.


  • Aesthetic Appeal: The cabinet design, complemented by the rich pinewood finish, seamlessly blends with contemporary home decors while offering a stylish habitat for your pet.
  • Complete Care: From the in-built house and lamp holder to the convenient ramp, The Ourania ensures a comprehensive, comfortable space for your tortoise.
  • User-Friendly Access: The magnetic catch doors provide a hassle-free experience, allowing easy maintenance and interaction with your tortoise.
  • Adaptable Designs: Catering to different space constraints and preferences, The Ourania offers both a single and double door variant.

The Ourania Tortoise Table stands out as an epitome of design prowess and thoughtful functionality. Extend your living space’s elegance to your tortoise’s domain and ensure they relish in the luxury they deserve. Dive into the blend of style, utility, and comfort with The Ourania Tortoise Table.

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120cm x 60cm, 150cm x 60cm


120cm x 60cm, 150cm x 60cm