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Introducing the Tortoise Manor, an exemplar of refined and functional pet housing, designed to prioritize the comfort of your tortoise while offering ease of maintenance to the pet owner. This generously proportioned tortoise dwelling is 100cm wide, 120cm deep, and maintains a standard height of 80cm, thus offering more length than our other offerings. This extra space allows your tortoise greater freedom to explore and live comfortably.

Every piece of the Tortoise Manor is built with pressure-treated timbers. This particular timber treatment adds to the durability and weather-resistance of the structure, ensuring it stands up against the test of time and elements. This long-lasting construction is further fortified by a floor made of marine-grade plywood, capable of enduring damp conditions and resisting the effects of urine.

The Tortoise Manor isn’t just built to last; it’s designed to ensure your pet’s comfort. The fully insulated interior, with an insulation equivalent to 2″ thick polystyrene, creates a stable, cozy environment for your tortoise, safeguarding it from extreme weather variations.

Designed with practicality in mind, the Manor includes provisions to house a lamp, providing your pet with the essential heat and light it needs. An integrated breather in the back gable is expertly adapted to facilitate power lead and plug access, simplifying the lamp installation process.

Each Tortoise Manor features a top-hinged door of uniform size across our tortoise housing range. When opened, the door forms a canopy over the entrance, adding a charming aesthetic touch while enhancing functionality.

In summary, the Tortoise Manor is a paradigm of thoughtful design, combining resilience, convenience, and visual appeal. The pressure-treated timber construction, marine-grade flooring, comprehensive insulation, and accommodation for a lamp make it an ideal choice for those committed to providing their pets with superior care and comfort.

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