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Offer your reptiles a comfortable and safe living environment with this vivarium made for a variety of small pets. The sturdy construction of this tortoise vivarium is created with OSB panels, providing strong and durable material to house your pet. Additionally, these panels have a thermal insulation effect that helps maintain a stable temperature for your pet’s well-being.

The breathable mesh panels ensure adequate air circulation, keeping your pets cool and comfortable. You can add a heating pad to the moisture-resistant bottom if you need to increase the temperature. The front tempered glass sliding doors provide excellent visibility, allowing you to observe your pets as they play and rest.

Create a real wild habitat for your pets with this reptile tank. It is perfect for reptile animals, providing land and water, as well as rainforest habitats. The breathable mesh panels offer adequate ventilation, meeting the needs of the reptile keepers. Made of OSB panels, it is stable and durable, with the added effect of thermal insulation.

The transparent tempered glass sliding doors provide a clear view for observation, allowing you to watch your pets as they play and rest. You can also add a heating pad on the bottom for extra heat. Pre-treatment with epoxy resin is recommended to protect against moisture.

This reptile tank is suitable for lizards, horned frogs, snakes, chameleons, and other reptile animals. Assembly is simple and easy, making it a perfect addition to any reptile lover’s collection.

This vivarium is user-friendly, with easy installation steps that anyone can follow. The untreated wood used in this snake vivarium can be pre-treated with epoxy resin to protect it from moisture.

The overall dimensions of this vivarium are 100L x 47W x 47H cm, making it a perfect fit for various small animals such as lizards, horned frogs, snakes, chameleons, and more. With this vivarium, you can offer your pets a comfortable, spacious, and safe living environment.

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  • Overall Dimension: 100L x 47W x 47H cm. Suitable for lizards, horned frogs, snakes, chameleons and other animals.