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Offer stray cats a lavish refuge with the PawHut Lighthouse Shelter. This aesthetically pleasing two-tier outdoor cat house is fashioned to mimic a delightful lighthouse, providing spacious room for cats to roam freely and find their ideal resting spot. The central ladder ensures secure and comfortable access to both levels, encapsulating both practicality and safety.

Constructed from robust fir wood, the PawHut Lighthouse Shelter is engineered to endure diverse outdoor conditions, establishing it as a dependable solution for offering shelter to stray cats. Enhanced with a protective layer of paint, the shelter boasts additional durability, capable of resisting mild weather. This cat house is aptly suited for outdoor placement, providing a secure and cozy refuge for needy cats.

The inclusion of doors and windows in the design ensures easy entry and exit for the cats. This insightful design promotes ventilation while guaranteeing privacy for the cats as needed. The roof, coated in asphalt, and protective paint layer shield the interior from light rain and water, maintaining a dry and comfortable environment inside.

The PawHut Lighthouse Shelter also features wheels for enhanced portability, simplifying the task of repositioning or relocating the shelter. Whether you aim to maximize sunlight exposure or shift it to a new spot, the wheels facilitate effortless movement.

With a substantial load capacity of 30kg, this shelter can comfortably house multiple cats. The assembly procedure is uncomplicated, and an exhaustive manual is provided for your convenience.

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Color: Grey & White
Material: Fir Wood
Max Load: 30 kg
Overall Dimension: 59L x 55W x 109H cm
Floor Height (Bottom to Top): 42.5 cm, 56.5cm
Certification: FSC
Item Label: D30-233WT
Build a secure and extravagant sanctuary for stray cats with the PawHut Lighthouse Shelter. Its durable build, protective paint coating, dual-level design, and user-friendly features such as windows, doors, and wheels make it a prime choice for delivering comfort and shelter to needy cats. Contribute positively to the welfare of stray cats with this superior outdoor cat house.