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Present your cherished furry companion with a stylish and comfortable abode with this wooden cat house. Constructed from solid fir wood, this outdoor cat house is robust and long-lasting, ensuring a durable addition to your pet’s furnishings. With its three-tier structure, your cat will enjoy ample space to explore, rest, and engage in playful activities.

The ground level is designed with a cozy hideaway featuring three circular entrances, offering an ideal space for your cat to curl up and nap. The middle tier houses a spacious open balcony, enabling your cat to bask in the sun and take pleasure in the surroundings. The top platform presents an open balcony, providing a fun perch for your cat to lounge and observe their environment.

Finished with a yellow waterproof paint, this outdoor cat house is built to endure mild outdoor wear and tear, making it a fantastic addition to your pet’s external living area. The slanted roof, covered with asphalt, ensures that water doesn’t pool and leak into the house, keeping your cat dry and comfortable.

This cat house also incorporates a raised base with four legs and pads, ensuring balance and elevation off the ground, making it damp-resistant. With a maximum weight capacity of 30kg, it can comfortably accommodate a diverse range of cats. Assembly is required, but the resulting product justifies the effort.

In conclusion, this wooden cat house is an exceptional addition to your outdoor space for your beloved pet. With its robust construction, spacious interiors, and appealing design, it’s destined to become your cat’s favorite retreat. Grant your cat the perfect dwelling with this outstanding cat house.

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Dimensions: 85.5H x 96L x 65Wcm. Suitable for cats up to 7kg

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

I purchased this wooden cat house for my outdoor-loving cat, and it has exceeded my expectations. The solid fir wood construction is not only durable but also looks beautiful in my backyard. The three-tier design offers my cat ample space to explore and play. She absolutely loves the cozy hideaway on the ground level, where she can curl up and have her privacy. The open balconies on the middle and top tiers are her favorite spots to bask in the sun and enjoy the view. This cat house has become her go-to place, and I'm thrilled with the purchase!


I'm so glad I bought this wooden cat house for my furry companion. The quality of the construction is outstanding, and I can tell it will withstand the test of time. The three-tier structure provides my cat with plenty of room to roam around and engage in playful activities. The cozy hideaway on the ground level is incredibly cozy and inviting, and my cat spends hours there napping. The open balconies on the upper levels are perfect for her to lounge and observe her surroundings. It's a well-designed and comfortable cat house that has become her favorite hangout spot.


I couldn't be happier with this wooden cat house. The solid fir wood construction ensures durability, and the design is simply amazing. My cat loves exploring the three-tier structure, and each level offers a unique experience. The cozy hideaway on the ground floor is her safe haven, where she can relax and unwind. The open balconies on the middle and top tiers allow her to soak up the sun and keep an eye on the neighborhood. It's a high-quality cat house that provides comfort, style, and endless entertainment for my furry friend. I highly recommend it!