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The Hudson scratching post serves as a veritable sanctuary for your feline companion, providing a stimulating and enticing environment for play, relaxation, and their innate need to scratch. With grand dimensions of approximately 85 cm length, 50 cm width, and a towering height of 157 cm, it makes an excellent choice for lively cats or households with multiple furry inhabitants.

Luxuriously draped with a layer of soft, plush fabric, the Hudson scratching post immerses your cat in an atmosphere of elegance and coziness. This plush layer radiates soothing warmth, beckoning your cat to curl up, unwind, and seek solace in its comforting embrace.

A fundamental feature of the Hudson scratching post is its robust sisal posts, designed to meet your cat’s inherent scratching urges. These sturdy sisal posts present an optimal scratching surface for your cat, assisting in their claw maintenance and honing needs. With a generous diameter of 15 cm, the sisal posts provide ample space for your cat to keep their claws in prime condition.

The base of this scratching post is meticulously crafted to offer solidity and stability. A substantial 4 cm thick, the base plate ensures that the structure stands firm, even amidst your cat’s most spirited play and frolicking. The broad base plate not only sustains the stability of the structure but also offers an expansive area for your cat to investigate the scratching post.

A unique feature of the Hudson scratching post is the spacious cat house, measuring approximately 47 x 50 x 72 cm. This house furnishes a tranquil refuge for your cat to indulge in a leisurely nap, engage in hide-and-seek, or simply observe their surroundings without disturbance. The enclosed design of the cat house caters to your cat’s natural affinity for privacy and solitude.

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The characteristics of the Hudson at a glance:
  • Spacious cat tree with dimensions of approx. 85 x 50 x 157 cm
  • Covered with soft plush for high comfort
  • Sturdy base plate with a thickness of 4 cm for safe Hold
  • Contains a spacious cat house (approx. 47 x 50 x 72 cm) for retreat and privacy
  • Massive sisal posts (Ø 15 cm) for sharpening claws and scratching