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Step into a realm of limitless possibilities for your cat with the PawHut Darganta Cat Tree, a towering haven of comfort and entertainment that stands at a majestic 131cm. Designed as a multi-layered playground, this opulent activity center offers a comprehensive range of features to satisfy your cat’s multifaceted personality and instincts, all while adhering to an ethos of quality and durability.

As your cat explores this luxurious landscape, they’ll discover an array of choices for how they want to spend their time. For the contemplative feline who enjoys surveying their domain, two snug perches provide ideal vantage points for keeping a watchful eye on their surroundings. If privacy is the order of the day, a plush, enclosed condo offers a sanctuary for uninterrupted rest and relaxation. And should they prefer to literally hang out, a soft, inviting hammock provides a cozy alcove for leisurely napping.

But the PawHut Darganta Cat Tree isn’t just a place to rest—it’s also an interactive playground. Four dangling mouse-shaped toys serve as irresistible lures, encouraging your cat’s natural predatory instincts and providing hours of active engagement. Scratching posts, lavishly wrapped in durable sisal rope, allow your feline to indulge in claw maintenance, channeling their urge to scratch away from your household furniture and onto their own personal playland.

Constructed from solid particle board, this cat tree epitomizes stability and long-lasting durability. It’s swathed in a sumptuous blend of beige and white plush material, adding not only a layer of unparalleled comfort but also a neutral color scheme that harmonizes effortlessly with a variety of interior designs.

In addition to fostering physical agility through climbing ladders and multi-tier platforms, the cat tree offers mental stimulation, making it an all-encompassing activity hub for your pet. Whether your furry family member is an adventurous kitten or a leisure-loving senior, this structure is designed to appeal to cats of all temperaments and life stages.

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DIMENSIONS: 50L x 35W x 131Hcm. Condo Size: Ф30x 26Hcm. Weight Capacity: 15kg. Suitable for cats under 5kg.

Replacement parts are not offered for this cat tree