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The Craftsman Litter Tree from PawHut offers a multifunctional haven for your cat that marries practicality with comfort. This unique piece of pet furniture serves as a hidden litter box, a cat house, and a cat tree, all designed with your cat’s needs in mind. Standing at 138cm tall and finished in rustic brown with touches of beige and white, it blends seamlessly with your home decor while providing a discrete solution to cat litter.

The mini cat house at the base features a soft, comfortable cushion, perfect for those long, lazy naps. Above, the high platforms and a snug hammock offer your cat various vantage points to rest and survey their domain. And when the mood for play strikes, a hanging toy ball is ready to entertain, along with a scratching post and pad wrapped in sisal rope, offering an ideal outlet for your cat to scratch and claw, saving your furniture from potential damage.

Crafted with an eye for detail, this cat tree includes multiple entrances, ensuring easy access to the litter box while preventing litter from being scattered outside. The enclosed design is particularly thoughtful, trapping unpleasant odors to maintain a fresh atmosphere in your home. Stability is a priority with this design, featuring an anti-tipping device for added security, ensuring it’s a safe space for cats weighing up to 6kg.

Assembly is required for this sophisticated piece, labeled D31-078V71RB. The dimensions provide ample space: Inside cabinet: Left: 43H x 56W x 42.5Dcm. Right: 43H x 25W x 42.5Dcm, with door holes conveniently sized for easy entry and exit. The cat house, hammock, and platforms are all designed to support your cat’s weight comfortably, while the overall structure can support 30kg inside and 20kg on top. Your purchase includes 1 x Litter box enclosure and a manual to guide you through the setup process, ensuring that your cat can enjoy their new retreat as quickly as possible.

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Dimensions: 138H x 85W x 45Dcm. Inside cabinet: 43H x 56W x 42.5Dcm. Suitable for cats up to 6kg. Assembly required.