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Elevate your home’s aesthetic and provide your cat with a remarkable and functional sanctuary with the Cat House Tyrol Alpine. This exceptional cat house boasts a strikingly unique design reminiscent of an alpine lodge, sure to become a conversation piece in your home while offering a delightful space for your feline companion to perch and survey their domain.

Ideal for curious cats, the Tyrol Alpine features a staircase for your kitty to climb and reach the top deck, where they can peek out and observe their surroundings. It’s truly an amusing sight to see your cat nestled under the traditional roof or lounging in the spacious lower level, feeling warm and cozy as if protected from the ‘snow’ and relaxing by a log fire.

The Tyrol Alpine cat house is equipped with a curtain made from transparent slats, designed to shield your feline friend from the often unpredictable British weather. This versatile cat house is suitable for both indoor and outdoor placement, providing your cat with a secure and comfortable retreat regardless of its location.

Bring the captivating design of an alpine lodge to your home with the Cat House Tyrol Alpine, and give your cat a stylish and practical space where they can keep an eye on their world. This extraordinary cat house combines a visually appealing design with functional features to ensure your feline’s comfort and enjoyment.

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double walls, lined with Styrofoam

• incl. 50 x 34 cm lookout platform

• for use in summer and winter

• curtain made from transparent slats against wind and weather; cut-out measurements 23 x 18 cm