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Handcrafted to the highest possible specifications, these exquisite houses are made from quality materials that can withstand even the most unpredictable British weather. Your feline friend will exude style and coolness as they take full advantage of their own kitty house, establishing themselves as the boss of their own domain.

The Beach House (Style 2) offers the option to include a cat flap, granting your cat easy access while ensuring their privacy and security. The removable roof adds convenience for cleaning or for gently coaxing your feline friend back out and onto your lap for some precious bonding time.

However, we must warn you—once your cat experiences the Beach House (Style 2), it may be a challenge to entice them back indoors. This captivating cat house becomes their personal sanctuary, where they can fully express their natural instincts and revel in the comfort and freedom it provides.

What could be better for your precious feline than having their very own personal cat house, allowing them to do as they please? Don’t worry, though—windows are thoughtfully attached, allowing you to peek in and keep a watchful eye on your feline friend at all times. You can share in their joy while ensuring their safety and well-being.

Each cat house is constructed to be strong, durable, and weather-resistant, designed to withstand the elements with ease. All wood used is treated or painted, providing an added layer of protection, while the main roofing material consists of high-quality ashfelt, ensuring reliable defense against rain and moisture.

Invest in the Beach House (Style 2) and provide your feline friend with the ultimate outdoor experience. Witness their contentment as they luxuriate in their stylish and secure retreat, designed to prioritize their happiness and well-being. Allow them to enjoy the great outdoors while feeling completely sheltered and protected.

Embrace the extraordinary quality and design of these stunning handmade cat houses, and create an enchanting space for your beloved feline companion. Experience the joy of seeing them indulge in their very own stylish haven, designed to bring them comfort and joy.

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Removable roof

Inside size 42cm x 42cm

Porch size 42cm x 24cm

Cat Flap

Yes, No