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Looking for a large and robust cat tree that will provide your furry friend with an aggressive scratching experience? Look no further than the Amadeus cat tree from Trixie! This king of large cat trees is designed for cats that enjoy an intense scratching experience, and it’s sure to turn heads from both humans and pets alike.

At 163cm tall, the Amadeus cat tree provides amazing views for your cat all around the room, ensuring that they never feel like they’re missing out on any of the action in your busy household. The black sisal rug looks great and matches the dark material that has been carefully applied to every inch of this cozy cat tree, making it a stylish addition to any room.

Your pampered pussycat will be in heaven as they explore all the exciting features and areas that this cat tree offers. There are two different styles of hammocks available for your cat to choose from, each offering a unique and cozy experience for when they want to relax and have a long sleep.

Not only is the Amadeus cat tree incredibly robust and strong, but it’s also visually exciting and guaranteed to make all the cats on your street jealous. With its size and features, your cat will feel like they have their own kingdom to rule over.

In summary, the Amadeus cat tree from Trixie is the perfect choice for cat owners looking for a large, robust, and visually exciting cat tree that offers all the features and areas even the most pampered of cats could ever dream of. With its multiple hammocks, aggressive scratching areas, and stylish design, the Amadeus cat tree is sure to become your cat’s favorite spot in the house!

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Floor area: 90 × 60 cm Post: ø 12 cm Colour: anthracite Thread Size: M8 Height: 163 cm

sisal: ø 6 mm (post)/plush (polyester): 600 g/m²
cuddly bed with padded rim and reversible cushion: washable by hand
removable hammock, padded: hand wash
cave fitted with plush/fleece (polyester)
thick, heavy base plate
colour: anthracite