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Introducing the TRIXIE Acadia Designer Wall Mounted Cat Tower—an exceptional cat furniture piece that offers endless possibilities for play, exploration, scratching, and relaxation.

Say goodbye to scratched furniture and carpets! With the luxuriously oversized cat tree, your feline companions can happily sharpen their claws, indulging their natural scratching instincts in a healthy and satisfying manner. The durable sisal covering ensures longevity and provides an ideal surface for claw maintenance.

When it’s time for a nap or a hidden sanctuary, your cat will find comfort in the cozy bed situated on the top platform. Covered in soft and plush fabric, it offers a soothing retreat where your cat can curl up and unwind. The sturdier edge provides added security, giving your cat a sense of safety and tranquility.

For those playful moments, the TRIXIE Acadia cat tower offers additional plush-covered platforms. Jump, climb, or perch on these platforms, allowing your cat to enjoy the thrill of being on the lookout for unsuspecting prey or simply relishing the panoramic view.

Combining both fashion and function, this wall-mounted cat tower boasts a stylish and space-saving design. It not only enhances the aesthetics of your living space but also ensures the safety and stability of your cat during playtime. The inclusion of metal wall brackets guarantees a secure installation.

The TRIXIE Acadia Designer Wall Mounted Cat Tower epitomizes the perfect blend of style, convenience, and security. Its thoughtful design, coupled with its space-saving nature, makes it an ideal choice for cat owners seeking an elegant and practical solution for their feline companions. Enhance your cat’s environment and provide them with the ultimate sanctuary with this remarkable cat tower.

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Suitable for climbing landscapes sisal/plush (polyester): 280 g/m² platform with removable cuddly bed: washable by hand colour: white/grey 44073 Measurements: 160 cm Floor area: 46 × 37 cm Colour: grey Height: 160 cm –