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Introducing Sally’s Saloon cat tree – the first of our outdoor cat trees to feature a roof, making it perfect for British rainy winters and hot summer days. This spacious outdoor cat tree measures 70cm by 50cm and 85cm high, making it compact and spacious enough to happily accommodate a few furry felines.

The base of the Sally’s Saloon cat tree is enclosed on three sides, and the first level has been carefully lipped on 3.5 sides, allowing for safe and sound sleeping with zero risk of rolling out. Cleverly, the roof has been sloped at 15 degrees, allowing rainwater to flow off but still providing a level surface for your cat to rest on the top.

The Sally’s Saloon cat tree requires no assembly – just remove it from the packaging, and it’s ready for your cats to play on.

If you’re wondering about the delivery date, the build date will normally be within 14 days of your order being placed, but may vary at peak times of the year. If you would like to know the build date before ordering, please send an email to, and we will reply with the expected build date.

In conclusion, Sally’s Saloon cat tree is the perfect choice for any cat owner looking for a comfortable, safe, and entertaining outdoor cat tree for their feline friend. With its compact and spacious design, weatherproof roof, and sturdy construction, your cat will love spending time exploring, playing, and relaxing in this amazing cat tree.

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The frame is 70cm by 50cm and 85 cm high
The base in enclosed on 3 sides