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The hexagonal shelves and shelf bed are not only functional but also a fashionable addition to your home decor, with their light hue and modern design. Your furry companion will have the perfect place to play, relax, and observe their surroundings on these shelves.

As a cat owner, you are well aware of your cat’s natural affinity for boxes and hiding places. The hexagonal shelves are an ideal solution if your cat is particularly mischievous. These shelves provide a perfect hiding spot for your cat to indulge their playful tendencies while keeping your furniture and valuables safe.

In addition to providing a fun play area, wall shelves are essential for your cat’s overall well-being. Cats love being able to climb and look down on their surroundings. Installing hexagonal cat shelves gives your feline companion the perfect vantage point to observe and explore their surroundings, keeping them mentally stimulated and entertained.

These shelves not only provide benefits to your cat’s health and well-being but also add a touch of style to your home’s interior design. The hexagonal design of the shelves adds sophistication to any space, and their light color ensures that they blend well with the rest of your furniture and color scheme.

Whether you’re looking for a present for a cat enthusiast or simply want to enhance your home decor, these wall shelves are a great choice. They not only improve feline health and functionality but also add a sense of elegance and class to any space. These hexagonal shelves are a fantastic addition to any home, whether you have cats or not.

Investing in these hexagonal shelves will provide your cat with a fun and stylish play area while also adding a touch of sophistication to your home decor. Give your furry friend the gift of a comfortable and entertaining environment with these functional and fashionable shelves.

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The set includes:
1. Hexagon + 2 pillows for hexagon – 2 pcs.
-height – 14.7″ (37.5 cm)
-width – 18.1″ (43 cm)
-depth – 9.6″ (24.5 cm)
You can choose honeycomb decorative panels in configuration.

2. Hex bed + pillow – 1 pc.
-height – 7.5″ (19 cm)
-width – 23.7″ (60 cm)
-depth – 10.7″ (27 cm)


Beige, Grey


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