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Introducing the New Madeira Double in Platinum by Montana Cages—a thoughtful design for your little feathered friends. With ample space and customizable settings, this cage is not just a shelter, it’s a thriving habitat. Engineered to Montana’s renowned quality standards, this spacious cage allows for multiple birds to cohabitate harmoniously. In instances where two birds don’t get along, a separating grit feature is included for swift resolution.

Functional and Secure

Outfitted with a variety of features, the New Madeira Double boasts four wooden perches, stainless steel bowls, a dropping tray, a litter tray, and two storage shelves below the cage. For added security, a shutter is fitted in front of the drawer to prevent any adventurous bird from escaping. Aesthetically pleasing in light gray Platinum, the cage is as elegant as it is easy to maintain.

Up-to-Date Customizations

Please note that this is our current lineup! Available from stock with fully horizontal wiring, updated food bowls, and two separate doors ideal for attaching a sleeping or nest box and a bathtub. All designed to suit your bird’s needs.

Product Specifications:

Dimensions: 165 x 56 x 158 cm
Interior Height: 85 cm
Grid Spacing: 10 mm
Grid Thickness: 2 mm
Weight: 69 kg
Notable Features:

Fully horizontal wiring
Four wooden perches
Stainless steel bowls
Dropping and litter trays
Separating grit feature
Two storage shelves
Escape-proof shutter
Versatile and Adaptive

Suitable for a broad range of bird species—from budgies, cockatiels, and canaries to exotic lovebirds and parrotlets. This cage adapts to the unique needs of your pet, ensuring a safe and comfortable environment.

Please Note: The above dimensions and features are approximate and may vary due to production limitations. Always verify the specifics before purchase.

With the New Madeira Double in Platinum by Montana Cages, you’re not just buying a birdcage, you’re investing in a home that offers comfort, security, and a lifetime of happiness for your feathered companions.

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Size (WxDxH):
165 x 56 x 158 cm

Bird home interior height:
85 cm

Lattice spacing:
10 mm

Lattice strength:
2 mm

69 kg