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Smart App-Controlled Litter Box with Advanced Features: This high-tech litter box is packed with cutting-edge features and can be easily operated via its dedicated app. Within the app, you can:

  • Enable/disable cleaning mode and set schedules;
  • Activate/deactivate auto mode;
  • Turn air cleaning mode on/off and schedule it;
  • Adjust delay and interval settings;
  • Enable/disable childproof feature;
  • View weight display;
  • Access visit history.

Auto-Detection and Safety Mechanisms: The automatic, self-cleaning litter box is equipped with advanced sensors that detect when your cat has used the box. It utilizes a dual-detection system, activating only when necessary. If your cat re-enters the box, the built-in safety system automatically pauses the cleaning process and resumes once the cat leaves.

Intuitive LED Touch Screen: The sleek design of the litter box features an LED touch screen at the front, allowing you to control and view information about the device. Info Display:

  • Drum present: yes/no;
  • Wi-Fi mode: on/off;
  • Waste bin full: yes/no. Touch Operation:
  • Cleaning mode;
  • Replace waste bag;
  • Auto mode;
  • Air cleaning mode.

Whisper-Quiet Operation: At a mere 35 dB, this litter box is the quietest automatic model on the market, producing noise levels comparable to rustling leaves or a gentle whisper.

ION Air Filter/Ionizer: The integrated air filter with ionizer technology eliminates unpleasant odors before they permeate your living space. The ionizer charges odor particles, causing them to repel each other and be filtered out by the device. This safe, non-toxic technology can be used freely around your pet.

Multi-Cat Compatibility: The smart litter box is designed to collect data from multiple cats, allowing you to track the weight of each cat through the app.

Weight Recommendations: The litter box is suitable for kittens weighing 0.7 kg up to adult cats weighing 8 kg.

Compatible Cat Litter Types: Applicable: Highly absorbent and clumping granules, such as corn kernels, Ecolitter, natural activated carbon, or bentonite. Smaller, dust-free granules are preferred.

Not Applicable: Large granules like wood, gel granules, poorly absorbing materials, or non-clumping granules.

Top 10 Benefits:

  • App control;
  • One-touch cleaning;
  • Ion sterilization;
  • Enhanced safety features;
  • Multi-cat data tracking;
  • Simultaneous operation of multiple litter boxes;
  • Non-stick, easy-to-clean bottom;
  • Fully customizable settings;
  • Simple cleaning and maintenance;
  • Extra-large waste collection tray.
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Color: White
weight: 7.6kg

Material: Polystyrene
Dimensions: 48x52x50cm
Connection type: 220V (EU)

Recommended weight: 0.7 – 8kg
Maximum noise level: <50dB

Maximum waste bin capacity: 9kg
Maximum amount of cat litter: 3kg

Cleaning Cycle Time: Adjustable

Package Contents: Automatic Litter Box, Power Cable, Manual

Patent number: 89661-01