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This innovative nesting box provides hens with a clean and comfortable environment for laying eggs. It is ideal for spreading, and an optional nesting bowl (item no. 73147) is available for litter-free use. The interior dividing wall splits the nest into two sections, with a closeable inspection flap that allows for easy monitoring and egg collection. The egg tank has a large capacity of up to 10 eggs per nesting compartment, while the perch makes it easier for the animals to enter.

The entrance door can be closed with the help of the foldable perch, ensuring the safety of your poultry. The sloping roof prevents the chickens from sitting on it, ensuring that the nesting box remains clean and hygienic. The inner dimensions of the nesting compartment (L x W x H) are 35 x 25 x 48 cm, making it suitable for large and heavy breeds of chicken.

The nesting box is also suitable for hanging, and it is designed for commercial animal farming in accordance with TierschNutztV (Animal Protection Keeping of Production Animals Order). The recess-shaped nesting bowl offers maximum comfort during egg laying, while the eggs are gently guided towards the inspection flap for easy collection.

Overall, this nesting box is an excellent investment for poultry farmers who want to provide their hens with a clean and comfortable environment for laying eggs. Its innovative design, optional nesting bowl, interior dividing wall, egg tank with large capacity, and perch make it a must-have tool for anyone who wants to raise happy and healthy poultry.

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