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Oil Seed Rape straw is rapidly gaining popularity as the preferred bedding option for many customers in both the equine and poultry industries. Its increased availability is attributed to the growing number of farmers cultivating this crop in response to market demand and lucrative prices. Not only is it an incredibly soft bedding material, but it also boasts exceptional absorbency and structural integrity, preventing large hocks as some horses dig through the bedding to reach the hard floor. Raviera, made from Oil Seed Rape straw, decomposes faster than any other natural bedding, reducing labor, minimizing muck piles, and offering cost savings.

Key features of Raviera’s Oil Seed Rape straw bedding include:

  1. 100% pure Oil Seed Rape straw composition
  2. Chopped and dust-extracted for optimal quality
  3. Baled at a moisture content of between 9% and 12% for maximum absorbency
  4. Highly absorbent to keep the bedding area clean and dry
  5. Virtually dust-free to maintain a healthy environment for animals
  6. Optional treatment to discourage consumption and promote respiratory health
  7. Cost-effective, providing excellent value for money
  8. Quick and easy to clean, saving time and effort
  9. Effortless disposal and rapid decomposition for eco-friendly waste management
  10. Forms a dense, comfortable bed for animals
  11. Exhibits outstanding properties for use in the poultry market

With its numerous benefits and versatile applications, Raviera’s Oil Seed Rape straw bedding is an excellent choice for those seeking a high-quality, sustainable, and cost-effective bedding solution for their animals.

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