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The innovative Mobile Coop is an excellent solution for breeders who want to provide their poultry with flexible and species-appropriate housing. The mobile unit combines important animal welfare standards with an appealing look and improved ergonomics. The extremely robust and durable design ensures that the unit can withstand the rigours of outdoor use.

The integrated laying nest and rounded perch provide a comfortable and safe space for your poultry to rest and lay eggs. The faeces tray can be quickly and easily pulled out through a side opening for cleaning, making maintenance of the unit hassle-free. The poultry ladder is also included, providing easy access for your feathered friends.

The special opening of the laying nest allows for quick and easy egg removal, while the door with a large window ensures a bright interior in the stall and guarantees a healthy day/night rhythm for your poultry. The secure door lock protects against unwanted guests such as martens, foxes, and raccoons, ensuring the safety of your poultry.

The highly stable metal frame with two wheels and handle on the side allows for easy lifting and moving of the unit. The smooth surfaces make it difficult for poultry mites to settle in, while the double-walled elements provide an insulating effect that keeps the coop cool in summer and warm in winter.

Cleaning the interior is easy with a brush or garden hose, as the faeces exit via an opening in the interior floor. The Mobile Coop is easy to install thanks to permanently mounted threaded inserts, and high-quality, long-lasting screws and fittings. Additionally, the Mobile Coop is SmartCoop-compatible, making it an excellent choice for breeders who want to install a SmartCoop pen.

Overall, the Mobile Coop is an excellent investment for breeders who want to provide their poultry with flexible and species-appropriate housing. Its durable and robust design, easy-to-clean features, and SmartCoop-compatibility make it a must-have for anyone who wants to raise happy and healthy poultry.

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