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Introducing the Haydock 1600 Chicken Coop, the pinnacle of our chicken coop series that perfectly embodies our commitment to excellent chicken keeping practice, honed over 40 years of experience. Designed for space and comfort, this coop can house up to 25 Bantams or 20 Laying Hens. With the addition of our optional Large Fowl Modification, it can comfortably accommodate 10 large fowl birds, including a cockerel.

The Haydock 1600 features five nests and an expansive 4.3 meters of perching space, reflecting our understanding of chickens’ need for space and the behaviours they exhibit in their natural habitats. The nests are strategically positioned at ground level, honoring the modern hen’s innate desire to nestle hidden in undergrowth, emulating their jungle fowl ancestry. Meanwhile, our two-tier perch design offers the flock an elevated space reminiscent of high tree branches that chickens naturally seek out at dusk. Even those lower in the pecking order can enjoy ample perch space, mitigating the risk of breast deformities caused by improper perch sizes.

One of our Haydock 1600’s standout features is the nest shutter system, which discourages hens from roosting in the nests overnight, thereby preventing soiled and potentially harmful eggs. This feature, in combination with the easily removable nest bank, opposite wall, roof section, floor middle section, and perch bars, allows for comprehensive cleaning access, creating a healthy living environment for your hens and boosting their egg-laying performance.

Understanding the critical importance of ventilation, we’ve equipped the Haydock 1600 with a vented ridge system. This ingenious design works to expel warm, stale air produced by the hens overnight while pulling in cool, fresh air via inlets under the eaves. This creates a beneficial convection current that prevents heat and methane buildup within the coop, significantly reducing respiratory problems among the hens.

In essence, the Haydock 1600 Chicken Coop offers a remarkable solution for those passionate about poultry keeping. It merges the best practices of coop design with the innate needs of your hens, creating an environment that is conducive to the health, comfort, and productivity of your poultry. This isn’t just a chicken coop—it’s a nurturing and caring haven for your feathered friends

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