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Introducing Harry’s Duplex, a fantastic new addition to our outdoor cat tree collection, inspired by our popular High-Rise Harry cat tree with an innovative twist!

The original High-Rise Harry design has been expanded and enhanced by incorporating not just one, but two High-Rise Harry structures. These structures are connected by a large wooden-lipped swinging hammock and a plank, providing your cat (or cats) with even more exciting places to explore and enjoy their adventures.

Standing at 110 cm tall, this outdoor cat tree offers a substantial and robust experience for your beloved feline friend(s).

Each frame consists of four poles, wrapped in durable Hempex rope. This long-lasting rope is weatherproof, ensuring the cat tree maintains its attractive appearance and functionality.

The Harry’s Duplex arrives in three separate parts, requiring minimal assembly. No tools are necessary for the easy setup process!

As this product is handmade to order, delivery typically takes around three weeks from the point of order. Please note that during peak season, the delivery time may be longer.

Please be aware that delivery is limited strictly to UK mainland only. Treat your cat to the ultimate outdoor adventure with the Harry’s Duplex cat tree!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

I recently purchased the Harry's Duplex outdoor cat tree for my furry companions, and I couldn't be happier with my decision! The addition of two High-Rise Harry structures connected by a swinging hammock and a plank provides endless possibilities for my cats to explore and play. It's like a feline paradise in our backyard!


The Harry's Duplex is not only visually appealing but also incredibly sturdy. Standing at 110 cm tall, it offers a substantial and robust experience for my cats. The four poles wrapped in durable Hempex rope not only add to its durability but also give it a natural and attractive look. I love how this cat tree maintains its functionality and appearance even in varying weather conditions.


One of the best things about the Harry's Duplex cat tree is its ease of assembly. With no tools required, I had it set up and ready for my cats to enjoy in no time. The three separate parts were straightforward to connect, and the clear instructions made the process a breeze. It's evident that the makers of this product truly value their customers' convenience."


Although the delivery time for the Harry's Duplex cat tree was around three weeks, it was well worth the wait. The fact that it is handmade to order speaks volumes about the attention to detail put into each piece. The quality of craftsmanship is evident in every aspect of this cat tree, and it's clear that the creators take pride in delivering a superior product.


While it's unfortunate that the delivery of the Harry's Duplex cat tree is limited to UK mainland, I must say that it is a treat worth waiting for. My cats are having the ultimate outdoor adventure with this incredible addition to our cat tree collection. I highly recommend this product to anyone who wants to provide their feline friends with a luxurious and exciting playtime experience!