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Introducing the “Dog Barrier,” an exceptionally sturdy and versatile door designed to provide a secure and controlled environment for your canine companion. This adjustable barrier is perfect for door frame distances ranging from 75 to 84 cm, ensuring a precise and snug fit in various spaces. The distance between the rods is 5.0 cm, making it suitable for most dog breeds while preventing them from squeezing through the gaps.

Standing at a height of 75 cm, the “Dog Barrier” is ideal for adult dogs and offers ample coverage to keep them safely contained within a designated area. It’s a fantastic solution for dog owners who want to limit their pet’s access to certain parts of the home or keep them away from potential hazards.

For added flexibility, 7 cm extensions are available separately, allowing you to customize the barrier to fit wider door frames or openings. This feature ensures that the “Dog Barrier” can be adapted to suit your specific needs and changing living situations.

Key Features of the “Dog Barrier” include:

  1. Extra Strong Construction: Built to last, the “Dog Barrier” is made from high-quality materials, providing a durable and stable barrier that can withstand the demands of daily use.
  2. Adjustable Width: With an adjustable width that can accommodate door frame distances between 75 and 84 cm, the “Dog Barrier” is perfect for various spaces within your home.
  3. Additional Extensions: For wider door frames or openings, 7 cm extensions can be purchased separately, offering even greater customization and flexibility.
  4. Suitable for Adult Dogs: The barrier’s 75 cm height ensures it is ideal for adult dogs, providing ample coverage to keep them safely contained.
  5. Easy Installation: The “Dog Barrier” is designed for a hassle-free setup, allowing you to quickly and securely install it in your desired location.

Invest in the “Dog Barrier” for a reliable and adaptable solution to keep your beloved pet safely contained within designated areas of your home. Its durable construction, customizable width, and suitability for adult dogs make it an excellent addition to any dog owner’s household.

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