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Introducing the Polly Duplex 4XL Chicken Coop – the perfect home for your beloved flock. This spacious coop on legs offers a comfortable living space for your feathered friends while providing them with plenty of room to roam and play.

Crafted from high-quality HPL plates, this innovative material is made up of 70% cellulose and 30% thermosetting resin, providing exceptional thermal resistance in both summer and winter. This means that your chickens will be comfortable no matter the weather conditions outside. Additionally, the coop is unaffected by pests and even resistant to red mite, ensuring that your chickens stay healthy and happy.

Thanks to the interlocking system, the Polly Duplex 4XL Chicken Coop can be assembled and disassembled without any tools, making it easy for even the most inexperienced chicken owners to set up. The coop’s back slot allows for easy cleaning and maintenance, while its raised design keeps your chickens safe and dry during rainy weather. The ladder provides easy access to the coop, allowing your chickens to enter and exit with ease.

Inside the coop, your chickens will enjoy four perches and four nesting areas, providing ample space for up to 20 hens (depending on breed and size) to live and lay their eggs. The nesting areas can be easily removed for cleaning, ensuring that your chickens are always living in a clean and hygienic environment.

In addition to its durable and easy-to-assemble construction, the Polly Duplex 4XL Chicken Coop boasts a range of impressive properties, including its ability to resist deformation and scratches, its low maintenance needs, and its odor resistance.

With a total dimension of 195 x 120 x 142 cm, the Polly Duplex 4XL Chicken Coop is a spacious home for your chickens. It weighs 90kg, and the interior space measures 115 x 102 cm. Please note that the automatic door opener pictured is not included in the delivery.

Investing in the Polly Duplex 4XL Chicken Coop means investing in a long-lasting and comfortable home for your chickens. Your flock will thank you for their new home!

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Practical information
– Suitable for 10 – 20 hens (depending on breed and size)
– 90 kg
– Interior space 115 x 102 cm
– 4 perches and 4 nesting places
– Total dimensions 195 x 120 x 142 cm

Delivery does not include the automatic door opener pictured.