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The incubator is a crucial tool for poultry farmers, used to create the ideal conditions necessary for the fertilized eggs placed within to continue their embryonic development until they hatch into adorable little chicks.

To ensure that your incubator functions at peak efficiency, it is important to position it correctly. First and foremost, select a clean, odorless, and well-ventilated area that is not excessively dry. The temperature in the room should remain stable between 17℃ and 25℃, with humidity levels between 55% and 75%. It is essential to keep the premises shaded and avoid exposing the incubator to direct sunlight or heat sources. Creating sudden temperature changes or draughts can have a negative impact on the incubation process. Additionally, ensure that the supporting plane is solid and stable, and place the incubator at a minimum height of 80cm from the floor.

When it comes to the number of eggs that can be incubated in the incubator, this will depend on the type of egg. The following is a rough guide:

Quail: 42
Partridge: 26
Chicken: 14-16
Guinea fowl: 16-18
Hen pheasant: 19
Turkey-hen: 8-10
Wild duck: 10-11
Goose: 4
It is important to note that these figures are estimates and may vary slightly depending on the size and breed of the eggs being incubated.

Investing in a reliable and high-quality incubator is crucial for any poultry farmer looking to hatch their own chicks. With the correct positioning and attention to detail, you can successfully hatch a new generation of healthy and happy chicks with ease.

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