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Introducing the Polly Farm Mignon – a henhouse designed to meet the needs of today’s chicken and duck lovers. While suitable for only 3 to 4 chickens, this coop is also adaptable for ducks. The inner space measures 65 x 85 cm and includes one perch and two nesting places, making it a cozy and comfortable home for your feathered friends.

Constructed from double-layered HPL, a smooth sheet material that prevents blood mites from nesting and is easy to clean, the Polly Farm Mignon is designed for hassle-free maintenance. This material is also moisture and odor resistant, ensuring that your chickens’ living space stays clean and hygienic. Thanks to the interlocking plastic plates, no tools are required for assembly or disassembly, and the weatherproof, maintenance-free construction ensures that no draughts get through. The sliding roof provides easy access for cleaning and egg collection.

In addition, the Polly Farm Mignon comes with a super handy automatic door system that opens and closes at the push of a button, providing you with a convenient solution for controlling access to the coop.

What makes the Polly Farm Mignon such a great chicken coop is its range of features and properties. Its HPL construction ensures that it is maintenance-free and provides no nesting place for blood mites. It doesn’t absorb odors or liquids and is easy to clean, making it a practical and hygienic option for your backyard. The automatic door system and sliding roof make the coop easy to use and maintain, while its weatherproof and maintenance-free construction ensures its longevity.

Investing in the Polly Farm Mignon means investing in a durable and practical home for your feathered friends. Order yours today and watch your chickens or ducks thrive in their new cozy and comfortable home.

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