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Introducing the Outdoor Cat Litter Lodge: This adorable, hand-crafted outhouse is designed to provide a little sanctuary for your beloved feline companion as they tend to their private business.

The Outdoor Cat Litter Lodge offers protection and privacy, ensuring that your cat feels secure and comfortable during their litter box moments. It serves as a dedicated space where your cat can do their business undisturbed.

This outdoor litter lodge is thoughtfully designed with convenience in mind. It allows easy access for changing the litter tray, ensuring a hassle-free maintenance routine. The removable roof facilitates effortless cleaning, enabling you to keep the lodge fresh and hygienic. The watertight roof covering not only offers protection from the elements but also keeps moisture and rain out, ensuring the litter remains dry.

To maintain a sense of connection with their surroundings, the cat litter lodge features a small window on the side. This window allows your cat to keep an eye on their kingdom as they go about their royal duties, providing them with a glimpse of their domain while maintaining their privacy.

For added versatility, the cat litter lodge can be fitted with an optional cat flap. This feature helps keep cold breezes out, providing additional insulation during colder seasons, while still allowing your cat easy access to their designated litter area.

Invest in the Outdoor Cat Litter Lodge and give your cat a dedicated and charming space for their litter needs. Enjoy the convenience of easy access and cleaning, while ensuring your cat’s comfort and privacy. The option to add a cat flap provides an extra layer of protection from the elements, keeping your cat cozy in any weather.

Provide your feline friend with a special place they can call their own—a little haven where they can attend to their needs in peace and comfort. The Outdoor Cat Litter Lodge is a delightful addition to your outdoor space, adding charm and functionality to your cat’s environment.

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Supplied with a 48 cm cat litter tray.

Removeable roof

Window on the side

Cat Flap

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