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Create a comfortable and safe living space for your reptile with this bearded dragon vivarium. The vivarium features breathable mesh panels, which allow for adequate air circulation to meet the needs of reptile keepers. The moisture-resistant bottom also allows for easy cleaning and the addition of a heating pad to provide extra warmth.

The sturdy construction of the vivarium is made of OSB panels, ensuring the strength and durability of the enclosure, with added insulation to keep your pet at the optimal working temperature.

Observing your pet is made easy with the front tempered glass sliding doors, providing an unobstructed view for you to watch your pets play and rest.

Assembly of this vivarium is made simple with easy-to-follow installation steps. While the vivarium is constructed of untreated wood, it is recommended to protect it from moisture by pre-treating it with epoxy resin.

The overall dimensions of this vivarium are 60L x 29.5W x 29.5H cm, making it suitable for a variety of reptiles, including lizards, horned frogs, snakes, chameleons, and other small animals.

Overall, this bearded dragon vivarium is a great investment for any reptile owner, providing a comfortable, safe, and user-friendly living space for your beloved pet.

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  • Overall Dimension: 60L x 29.5W x 29.5H cm. Suitable for lizards, horned frogs, snakes, chameleons and other animals.