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Welcome to our varied range of tortoise housing options, designed meticulously to cater to different tortoise sizes. Currently, we offer four distinct sizes of tortoise houses. While the width and height of these homes remain constant, their length increases progressively with the size variant. Each house features a conveniently designed top-hinged door that forms a protective canopy over the entrance.

Dimensions: The Tortoise Bothy, our exemplar model, measures 100cm in width, 45cm from front to back, and stands 80cm tall.

Aesthetics: Each of our tortoise houses proudly wears our unique design language, adorned with distinctive brick effect walls and tile effect roofs that add a touch of class.

Insulation: We prioritize the comfort of your pets, providing full insulation in the walls, roofs, and floors of our tortoise houses. This insulation is equivalent to a thickness of 2” polystyrene, ensuring an adequately warm and cozy environment.

Flooring: For durability against damp and urine, all our tortoise house floors are constructed from marine-grade plywood.

Access: Typically, you can gain access to the tortoise house via the hinged right roof panel. However, we are flexible and can hinge the left roof upon request.

Lamp Accommodation: All our tortoise houses are designed with ample headroom to fit a lamp comfortably. The power lead and plug can be conveniently routed through a breather set into the back gable.

Delivery: The prices of our tortoise houses include delivery across mainland UK (excluding Highlands). Your housing arrives fully assembled and ready to use.

Optional Extras:

  1. Ramp: To assist your tortoise with ease of access.
  2. Draft Curtains: We can equip the door opening with clear, heavy strip curtains that ward off draughts without compromising the house’s light.
  3. Dividing Wall: If needed, we can incorporate a wall with an offset arch cut-out to divide the tortoise house into two rooms.
  4. Basking Porch: An Ultraviolet light-permeable porch that offers shelter but doesn’t filter out the essential UV light.
  5. Burrowing Basement: We provide an indoor soil pit for your tortoise. Just fill it with topsoil (14cm deep) and place the tortoise house onto the burrowing basement. It features a wire mesh base to prevent tortoises from burrowing out and rodents from digging in. (This feature requires the house floor to be removed)
  6. Tortoise Run with UV Basking Area: We offer a matching 1.2 x 2mt run that docks onto the tortoise house. It features Ultraviolet light-permeable windows on both sides adjacent to the house, offering shelter while efficiently allowing up to 90% of essential UV light.
  7. Secondary Treatment: Our housing is constructed from pressure-treated timbers that protect against rot. For added resilience, we offer an OVERCOAT treatment that forms a water-shedding layer over the tortoise house. This animal-safe treatment can be applied to damp wood, dries clear, and leaves no visible brush or run marks.
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