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Presenting The Oedipus Tortoise Table, a symbol of refined craftsmanship blended with heartfelt care. Handcrafted from the enduring charm of 18mm pinewood, this table is not just a haven for your tortoise but also a splendid addition to your living space. The Oedipus is not merely a pet domicile; it’s an emblem of tradition and modern luxury.

Key Features:

  1. Classic Pinewood Design: The Oedipus takes pride in its 18mm pinewood construction, promising both strength and an ageless beauty that effortlessly fits any interior decor.
  2. Perfect Dimensions: Offering a 20cm depth for the table area and a 30cm tall house space, it provides your tortoise with ample room to roam, rest, and play.
  3. Optimal Lighting: Comes equipped with a dedicated lamp holder, ensuring that your tortoise receives the necessary warmth and light for its well-being.
  4. Thoughtfully Designed Roof: The house’s roof can be effortlessly lifted for cleaning or accessing your tortoise. Crafted with precision, it remains secure and won’t inadvertently slide off, ensuring your pet’s safety.
  5. Personalized Touch: To give The Oedipus its unique identity, a name plaque is included. Send across your details, and it will become an endearing mark of your bond with your pet.


  • Traditional Elegance: The Oedipus, with its pinewood essence, stands not just as a habitat but as a charming piece of furniture that complements your home.
  • All-Encompassing Care: From the dedicated lamp holder to the easily accessible house, every element of The Oedipus speaks of comfort and care for your tortoise.
  • Ease of Maintenance: The removable roof of the house simplifies cleaning, showcasing The Oedipus’s design prowess in balancing aesthetics with functionality.
  • Heartfelt Connection: The inclusion of a custom name plaque lets you infuse a part of yourself into the table, making it a symbol of the love and care you have for your tortoise.

The Oedipus Tortoise Table stands as a testament to classic design and dedicated care. Enhance your interiors with its timeless charm and provide your tortoise with a home it deserves. Embrace a legacy of craftsmanship and affection with The Oedipus Tortoise Table.

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100 cm x 50 cm, 120 cm x 60 cm, 150 cm x 60 cm, 152 cm x 60 cm x 50 cm + legs


100 cm x 50 cm, 120 cm x 60 cm, 150 cm x 60 cm, 152 cm x 60 cm x 50 cm + legs