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Maine Coon Cat Trees 2023

Maine Coon owners often face the frustrating experience of purchasing a cat tree, only to find it in need of replacement after just a few weeks or months. This issue is not unique; in fact, thousands of Maine Coon owners in the UK encounter the same problem.

There are several reasons why a cat tree may not be able to withstand the size and strength of a large breed like the Maine Coon. Fortunately, we have identified key factors to consider when selecting a suitable cat tree for these magnificent felines, which we discuss below.

The most crucial factor when purchasing a cat tree for a large breed is the diameter of the posts. From our experience, if the scratching post has a diameter of less than 12 cm, it will not be able to endure the force exerted by a Maine Coon, especially during energetic climbing, playing, and jumping between platforms. This should be the primary consideration when searching for a cat tree.

Additionally, Maine Coons are known to be aggressive scratchers. As such, it’s essential to consider the size of the sisal rope and its application onto the post. Many inexpensive cat trees found online use low-quality, thin sisal rope. We recommend using sisal rope with a thickness of at least 6 mm to withstand the vigorous scratching habits of Maine Coons.

Moreover, the method of attaching the sisal rope to the post is a vital factor in determining the quality of a cat tree suitable for larger breeds. Poor-quality cat trees often have sisal rope stapled at each end to save on manufacturing costs. Consequently, if one part of the rope breaks, the rest unravels quickly, resulting in a bare post and a mess of sisal rope on the floor.

Our cat trees, specifically designed for Maine Coons, employ a more labor-intensive manufacturing process. The sisal rope is glued directly onto the post, ensuring that if one part of the rope fails, the rest of the tree remains intact. This extends the product’s lifespan by several months or even years. While this method adds to the production cost, investing in a high-quality product can save money in the long run by avoiding frequent replacements.

Maine Coons are also adventurous and feel comfortable at great heights, much like they would in their natural habitat. Thus, selecting a cat tree with a height of at least 1.5 meters allows these felines to feel secure and content, replicating their instinctive desire to climb to high vantage points for safety.

In summary, when searching for a cat tree suitable for a Maine Coon, prioritize the diameter of the posts, the thickness and application of the sisal rope, and the overall height of the structure. Investing in a high-quality product will ensure durability, saving time and money in the long run.

Large Cat Trees

Maine Coon owners often encounter the frustration of having to replace a cat tree after only a few weeks or months. This issue affects thousands of Maine Coon owners in the UK, and we have discussed the reasons and solutions in a previous post. In summary, the diameter of the posts, the thickness and application of the sisal rope, and the height of the cat tree are crucial factors to consider when selecting a cat tree for Maine Coons.

We offer a wide range of cat trees specifically designed for Maine Coons, with many of them currently on sale. Our selection includes the Canadian Corner Coon Activity Centre, Ragdoll Zada Cat Tree, Maine Coon Lounger De Luxe, and the Devon De Luxe, among others. Please note the expected delivery time for each product.

Weight is another crucial factor, as it provides the foundation for strength and stability. Maine Coon cat trees must be heavy, and it’s essential to consider the thickness of the baseplate, which should be at least 4 cm thick and made from high-density MDF. Reputable suppliers are also crucial, as some may use deceptive methods to make the baseplate appear thicker than it is.

The plastic caps at the end of each post should be made from strong and robust ABS plastic, as they are fundamental to the overall strength and stability of the cat tree. Poor-quality cat trees often use stapled circular particle board pieces that can be affected by weather conditions and humidity, resulting in quick failure.

There are numerous ways to produce cat trees for Maine Coons, but many cost-cutting measures can significantly affect the product’s strength and stability. We have created the best and highest-quality cat trees for Maine Coons, each thoroughly tested to ensure their durability.

We have highlighted some of our most popular Maine Coon cat trees below. If you have any questions or need additional tips and tricks for finding the perfect cat tree, our team is always happy to help.

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