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Introduce your furry friend to the Armide Floor-to-Ceiling Cat Tower by PawHut—a marvel in feline leisure and utility that soars from the floor to your ceiling. Don’t mistake it for a mere cat tree; this is a sprawling metropolis for your cat that embraces the sky. Accommodating ceiling heights from 225-255 cm, this structure redefines what a cat ‘tree’ can be. Imagine a multi-level skyscraper with a curated suite of cat-friendly amenities, essentially an adventure park specifically designed for your cat’s climbing and lounging desires.

But the Armide Tower isn’t just about vertical mobility; it’s a five-star spa retreat for your cat’s claws. Featuring multiple scratching posts sheathed in natural sisal rope, as well as an innovative scratchboard ramp that doubles as a stretching mat, this tower caters to both your feline’s well-being and your furniture’s longevity. Beyond satisfying scratching instincts, the tower houses three plush-lined cat condos, each offering multiple entryways for a grand tour of comfort. Think of it as a gated community within your home where your cat can lounge in sheer luxury. To top it off, various platforms, a ladder, and two engaging toys—a play ball on a spring and a feather—complete this comprehensive realm of feline entertainment.

In summary, the Armide Floor-to-Ceiling Cat Tower by PawHut is a skyscraper of a cat tree, brimming with interactive features, cozy hideaways, and a myriad of scratching opportunities. Designed for maximum feline fun and relaxation, this tower combines vertical exploration with comfort and functional elements that keep your cat engaged, entertained, and ever-so-pampered. Prepare to elevate your pet’s living standards to skyscraper heights—choose the Armide Tower today!

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DIMENSIONS: 230-280H x 60L x 40Wcm. House: 29H x 40L x 30Wcm. Hammock: Ф30cm.

Replacement parts are not offered for this cat tree