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Trendy Hayat, Istanbul, Turkey is a Scam Company.

Merva Özdemir scammer

Dear Esteemed Readers,

In the intricate tapestry of international business and trade, it is of utmost importance that we cultivate a culture of transparency by sharing our encounters—both commendable and challenging. This not only enhances our collective understanding but also aids in making judicious decisions. With this perspective in mind, I find it imperative to shed light on our recent dealings with an Istanbul-based firm, Trendy Hayat Mimari Dekorasyon Mobilya ve Organizasyon Pazarlama ithalat ihracat Ticaret Ltd.Şti, more commonly referred to as Trendy Hayat.

A Glimpse into the Past: Trendy Hayat, under the diligent stewardship of Emre and Merve Özdemir, extended a business proposition to us, complemented by a portfolio of their works available on their Facebook and Instagram pages. Those keen on acquiring an in-depth perspective on Merve Özdemir can do so via her LinkedIn profile.

Our professional liaison with Trendy Hayat traces back to June 2022 when we were approached by Merve with an enticing proposition regarding a product within our portfolio. Despite certain reservations, we took a leap of faith, anticipating a certain caliber of professionalism and quality.

Navigating Through The Reality: Regrettably, our anticipations were met with disappointment. The chasm between the sample product images we were presented with and the tangible product was stark. The received sample was a far cry from our aspirations and specifications. It was not just a difference in nuance, but a glaring disparity in quality and design.

Compounding our concerns, instead of a constructive resolution, we were met with a string of justifications by Trendy Hayat. Their emphasis shifted towards persuading us for a comprehensive production engagement, sidelining our genuine concerns.

The Outcome: The ensuing period was a whirlwind of misaligned communications, unfulfilled assurances, and below-par deliverables. Our patience and resources dwindled, and we were compelled to discontinue our partnership and redirect our quest for a more reliable supplier. It’s disheartening to mention that we advanced over £12,000 for goods which remain undelivered. Equally troubling is the company’s reluctance to process a refund.

Our primary objective in narrating this episode isn’t to tarnish the image of any entity or individual, but to sound a word of caution. We believe in safeguarding the interests of our peers in the business community. At present, we are initiating legal procedures against Trendy Hayat and have notified the relevant local regulatory bodies. We advise caution if considering a partnership with TRENDY HAYAT.

Key Insight: To our fellow entrepreneurs and corporations, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. When embarking on new business ventures, practice due diligence. The ethos should always be: Trust, yet corroborate.

Kindly amplify our message to shield others from potential pitfalls.

Please see their social media links below.

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This company is run by Emre and Merve Özdemir

You can find Merve Özdemir linkedin account here

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