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Experience the ultimate in travel convenience and comfort for your pet with our Lords & Labradors Savanna Oatmeal Travel Mat. Crafted in our long-lasting Savanna cotton fabric, this travel mat exudes both quality and versatility. The oatmeal hue serves as a neutral but stylish backdrop that complements various settings, whether it’s the interior of your car or a scenic outdoor picnic spot.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this mat excels in practicality. Its design enables it to roll up compactly, saving you valuable storage space when it’s not in use. The addition of a built-in carry handle enhances its portability, allowing you to take it along effortlessly wherever you and your pet venture. Whether you wish to protect your car seats, line the boot for muddy paws, or provide a comfy resting place on the go, this mat has got you covered.

Available in two sizes and three distinctive colors, the mat can be customized to meet your specific needs. Choose the size that fits your car’s interior dimensions or your pet’s lounging space requirements. This adaptability makes it a staple accessory for pet owners who frequently travel or enjoy outdoor activities with their four-legged companions.

In summary, the Lords & Labradors Savanna Travel Mat in Oatmeal is more than just a travel accessory; it’s an indispensable companion for pet owners who prioritize both style and functionality. Durable, convenient, and exceptionally versatile, this travel mat makes your life easier while offering your pet a cozy spot to rest, no matter where your journeys take you.

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Medium – Length 36.5″, Width 23″
Recommended for Cockapoos, Springer Spaniels, Bulldogs

Large – Length 48.8″, Width 29.9″
Recommended for German Shepherds, German Pointers, Bullmastiffs


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