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Discover our carefully curated range of tortoise residences, meticulously designed to accommodate different sizes of tortoises. At present, we are pleased to introduce the Tortoise Cottage, one of the distinct offerings from our collection. With uniform height across all models, the Cottage differentiates itself with an enhanced depth for greater comfort.

Dimensions: Our prominent Tortoise Cottage spans 100cm in width, extends 60cm from front to back, and stands elegantly at a height of 80cm.

Aesthetic Appeal: Staying true to our unique design philosophy, each tortoise cottage is bedecked with our signature brick-effect walls and tile-effect roofs, combining comfort with sophistication.

Thermal Insulation: Prioritizing your pet’s comfort, we have incorporated full insulation into the walls, roofs, and floors of our Tortoise Cottage. This is akin to a 2″ thick polystyrene layer, ensuring a snug and warm dwelling for your tortoise.

Flooring Construction: With durability being paramount, all our tortoise cottage floors are made from marine-grade plywood, rendering them resistant to dampness and urine.

Accessibility: Standard access to the Tortoise Cottage is facilitated through the hinged right roof panel. However, we are more than happy to customize and hinge the left roof as per your request.

Lamp Compatibility: Our Tortoise Cottage provides sufficient headroom to house a lamp, with power lead and plug access available via a specially adapted breather in the back gable.

Delivery: The listed price of our Tortoise Cottage includes delivery to the UK Mainland (excluding Highlands). You will receive your Tortoise Cottage fully assembled and ready to welcome its resident.

Optional Add-Ons:

  1. Ramp: For facilitating easy access for your tortoise.
  2. Draft Curtains: We can provide clear, heavy strip curtains for the door opening to prevent drafts without reducing light within the cottage.
  3. Dividing Wall: We offer the option of a wall with an offset arch cut-out, subdividing the Tortoise Cottage into two distinct areas.
  4. Basking Porch: Our ultraviolet light-permeable porch serves to provide shelter, while not filtering out vital UV light.
  5. Burrowing Basement: Offer your tortoise an indoor soil pit. Fill it with 14cm deep topsoil and position the Tortoise Cottage on the Burrowing Basement. The wire mesh base deters tortoises from burrowing out and rodents from intruding. (This feature necessitates the removal of the house floor)
  6. Tortoise Run with UV Basking Area: An optional 1.2 x 2m run that connects to the Tortoise Cottage. It features UV light-permeable windows that allow up to 90% of vital UV light.
  7. Secondary Treatment: Our Tortoise Cottages are crafted from pressure-treated timber for rot protection. To enhance this, we offer an optional OVERCOAT treatment. This forms a water-shedding barrier on the cottage, preventing water from accumulating around board joints. OVERCOAT is animal safe, can be applied to damp wood, and dries clear, leaving no visible brush or run marks.
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