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The Daphne Tortoise Table

A Blend of Nature and Craftsmanship for Your Tortoise

Elevate your tortoise’s living standards with The Daphne Tortoise Table, a beautiful blend of nature-inspired aesthetics and functional design. Tailored from premium pinewood and crafted with precision, this table not only ensures your pet’s comfort but also resonates with the elegance of your home decor.

Key Features:

  1. Elegant Craftsmanship: Each table is made from 18mm pinewood, known for its sturdiness and classic aesthetic appeal, ensuring durability coupled with a touch of nature.
  2. Integrated Lamp Holder: While the picture might leave it to your imagination, each table is fitted with a lamp holder. Essential for your tortoise’s health, this provides the necessary warmth and UV exposure.
  3. Protective Wire Mesh Lid: Safety and interaction combined. The included wire mesh lid ensures your tortoise remains safe while allowing you an unobstructed view of your pet.
  4. Thoughtful Dimensions: With a height of 80cm up to the table’s surface and extending to 95cm when you include the house, it provides ample vertical space. Additionally, the table area offers a generous depth of 30cm, letting your tortoise roam with freedom.
  5. Easily Accessible Design: The design ensures that you can easily access and interact with your pet while ensuring they have their secure, cozy space.


  • Natural Aesthetic: The pinewood finish not only provides durability but also effortlessly blends with most decors, adding a touch of nature to your interiors.
  • Security Ensured: The wire mesh lid is perfect for those who seek both safety and visibility for their tortoise.
  • Optimal Space: With a 30cm deep table area, your tortoise gets the perfect space for movement, exploration, and relaxation.
  • Health & Well-being: The integrated lamp holder ensures that your tortoise gets the required warmth and UV light, crucial for its health.

The Daphne Tortoise Table is more than just a habitat; it’s a manifestation of elegance, safety, and thoughtfulness. Infuse your space with nature’s charm and provide your tortoise with a home it deserves. Choose The Daphne Tortoise Table – where craftsmanship meets care.

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120cm x 60cm, 140cm x 60cm


120cm x 60cm, 140cm x 60cm