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Having embarked on this fascinating journey of crafting dovecotes in 1979, I’ve brought to life over a thousand of these charming structures, a testament to my expertise in the field. The journey began with a humble, imperfect dovecote which, driven by my sheer determination to improve, met an axe. But that’s all in the past. I’ve since honed my skills and developed an in-depth understanding of doves and their specific needs. As with anything, there are elements that are crucial to the design of a dovecote, and others that aren’t as essential – knowing this distinction has become second nature to me.

Octagonal body and roof. Three levels of four nests supplying nesting for twelve pairs of doves.

Before settling on the placement of a dovecote, contemplate where you would enjoy observing it from your chosen spot in your property. Optimal positioning of dovecotes is often in an area bathed in sunlight, and safely distant from structures that might aid predators in accessing the nests – such as a tree, a fence, or a shed.

In terms of erecting the dovecote, we provide a detailed set of instructions. However, here’s a brief overview: Begin by digging a hole with a ‘slip trench’, assemble the two-part post, and secure the finial on the top of the dovecote. Next, lay the dovecote on its side and insert the post into the central shaft of the structure.

The durability of a dovecote post is reminiscent of the strength found in a split cane fishing rod as opposed to an uncut cane. My approach involves selecting individual sections, laminating them together to form a single, robust post. This method ensures superior strength. Moreover, each of these sections undergoes pressure treatment independently, ensuring the post is thoroughly protected, even underground, adding to its longevity.

We stand firmly behind the quality and durability of our products. This conviction is reflected in the 5-year guarantee we offer on all our products. For more information about our guarantee, kindly click here. The dovecote with twelve nests is an exemplification of my deep understanding of the needs of doves, coupled with my commitment to craftsmanship, making it an aesthetically pleasing and practical addition to any garden or landscape.

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