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Elevate your feline’s leisure and play with the Tower Grand Cat Tree, a majestic structure that combines opulence with adventure. This five-tiered marvel stands as a monument to feline fun, offering a diverse range of activities and restful spots for your cat’s enjoyment.

The Tower Grand Cat Tree is a vertical wonderland, each level crafted to be a world of its own, offering high vantage points and cozy nooks. Here, your cats can leap from tier to tier, nap in soft seclusion, or watch over their kingdom with contented grace. The plush 220g/m² cushioning on each tier provides a velvety embrace, ensuring every moment spent is in the lap of luxury.

At its core, this cat tree is built to last. Constructed with P2 grade particle board, it stands as a sturdy bastion against the most rambunctious of feline activities. Stability is at the heart of its design, offering you peace of mind and your cats a reliable playground.

Beyond the allure of its tiers, the Tower Grand Cat Tree serves a dual purpose as an expansive scratching post. Wrapped in sisal, it invites your cats to claw to their heart’s content, diverting their attention from your cherished furniture. This feature is vital for your cats’ claw health and your home’s upkeep, making it an essential element of the design.

With grand dimensions that can adjust from 230 to 260 cm in height, it’s an imposing yet elegant addition to any room, accommodating cats up to 5 kg. It is not just a structure within your home but a grand statement of your dedication to your pets’ happiness and wellbeing.

The Tower Grand Cat Tree is more than a piece of pet furniture—it is a declaration of love for your cats. It’s a place where they can indulge in their natural instincts, whether it’s a quiet afternoon slumber or a spirited scramble to the highest platform. It’s their personal paradise within the comfort of your home.

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Overall dimensions: 40L x 34W x 230-260H cm. Adjustable height: 230 cm – 260 cm for the perfect fit. Suitable for cats under 5 kg.