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The Tilly Dog Cage serves as a multifunctional haven for pets, suitable for both puppies and adult dogs. Whether it’s potty training, house training, or establishing house rules and boundaries, this crate provides a secure and serene space for pets to learn and relax. Constructed with resilient metal, this crate is particularly durable, featuring strong welds at stress points and a reliable latch on the door to keep pets secure. The cage is finished with a durable powder coating, making it rust-resistant and ensuring longevity. The goal of the Tilly Dog Cage is to maintain the happiness and health of pets while providing convenience, accessibility, and easy cleaning for pet owners.

Boasting a sturdy metal construction, the Tilly Dog Cage emphasizes easy maintenance with its grated floor and tray, facilitating effortless cleanup. The cage is designed with casters at the bottom, allowing for smooth movement and versatility in positioning within the home. Additionally, the cage is crafted with mini dividers, positioned 5cm apart, to prevent paws from slipping through, ensuring the safety and comfort of pets. The incorporation of top and front door designs augments accessibility, making feeding and interaction straightforward. This cage is suitable for pets less than 65 cm in length, less than 35 cm in height at the shoulder, and less than 30 kg in weight.

The aesthetic of the Tilly Dog Cage is sleek and refined, with a neutral black color, allowing it to blend seamlessly with various home decors. It offers a medium special size, with product dimensions measuring 92L x 62W x 75H cm, and a door size of 36L x 49.3H cm, providing ample space for pets to move and rest. Despite its robust construction, the setup of this cage is remarkably simple, requiring no tools and minimal assembly, making it a convenient choice for pet owners.

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Overall Size: 92L x 62W x 75H cm; Suitable for pets less than 65 cm in length, less than 35 cm in height at the shoulder and less than 30 kg in weight