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SKU: D02-138V70AK


The Tia Dog Cage is a sophisticated and multifunctional piece, integrating a spacious pet crate with a stylish side table. This elegant fusion provides a safe and comfortable space for pets, offering a cushioned bottom for added comfort. The cage is well-ventilated, thanks to the steel wire construction, allowing pets to look out and feel integrated into the family environment, without feeling confined. The secure latch ensures pets remain safely inside, granting owners peace of mind. Simultaneously, the wide tabletop surface offers a place for homeowners to display their favorite decorative pieces, blending style and function seamlessly.

Designed with aesthetic versatility, the Tia Dog Cage effortlessly complements home décor with its neutral tones of grey, white, and black. Crafted from durable particle board and steel, this piece is sturdy and long-lasting, suitable for medium and large dogs up to 25kg and 55cm in body length. The cage features adjustable feet, allowing it to remain level on sloped surfaces and protect floors from damage, further enhancing its practicality. The two entrances allow easy access, making it convenient for pets to enter and exit, while the stylish appearance ensures it integrates well with various home aesthetics.

The ample tabletop of the Tia Dog Cage is not just practical but also transforms the crate into an attractive nightstand or side table. This feature enables owners to utilize the space efficiently, displaying cherished items, plants, or photographs. The thoughtful design aligns with modern home needs, offering a multi-purpose solution that avoids clutter and optimizes living spaces. The dimensions of the cage are 65H x 90W x 58D cm, with an inside cage measuring 58H x 86W x 50.5D cm, and the cushion having dimensions of 85L x 50W x 5D cm, making it a compact yet spacious option.

Assembly of the Tia Dog Cage is user-friendly, with a manual included to facilitate a hassle-free set-up. Once assembled, the cage stands elegantly with a leg height of 4.5cm from the ground, enhancing its elevated appearance. The door mesh spacing is 3.5cm, allowing for optimal ventilation and visibility for pets. The package is comprehensive, including one dog crate and a manual, ensuring that setting up is a smooth experience for the users.

In summary, the Tia Dog Cage is a refined and functional piece that meets the needs of both pets and their owners. It combines the security and comfort of a dog crate with the elegance and utility of a side table, providing a stylish and practical addition to any home. Its versatile design, sturdy construction, and thoughtful features make it a valuable acquisition for pet owners seeking to harmonize their living spaces with their pet’s comfort.

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  • Dimensions: 65H x 90W x 58Dcm. Cushion: 85L x 50W x 5Dcm. Door: 45.5H x 38Wcm. Suitable for medium or large dogs up to 25kg and 55cm in body length.