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Meet “The Stool”, the latest entrant in our outdoor cat tree collection!

Crafted thoughtfully, The Stool is the ideal raised platform that offers your feline companion the perfect vantage point to survey their domain. Whether they’re observing their garden territory or simply enjoying the outdoors, this 2-foot-tall platform ensures they do so with ease. Its height is optimal for cats of all agility levels, allowing them to effortlessly climb on and off.

A standout feature of The Stool is its hassle-free setup. It arrives fully assembled, eliminating the need for screws or any other fixing tools. Simply unwrap it, place it in your desired outdoor spot, and watch as your cat instantly takes to its new perch!

Weatherproofing is vital for outdoor furniture, and The Stool doesn’t disappoint. It’s adorned with high-quality hempex rope, designed to withstand various weather conditions. Not only does it ensure durability, but it also doubles up as an excellent scratching post for your cat. Moreover, its pressure-treated decking construction guarantees longevity, making it safe to leave outdoors throughout the year.

Delivery Information: The usual build date for The Stool is within 14 days of placing an order. However, this may vary during peak seasons. If you’d like to confirm the build date prior to your order, kindly reach out to us

Please note: We deliver to the UK mainland only.

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