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Introducing the SPUTNIK White Wall Bed, a luxurious piece of wall-mounted cat furniture meticulously handcrafted in Spain. This mesmerizing creation brings a touch of elegance and practicality to your home.

Designed to be mounted on any wall within your living space, the SPUTNIK White Wall Bed not only adds a majestic presence but also serves as a stylish solution for your cat’s climbing needs. It effortlessly breaks up your wall space while providing a functional and attractive space for your feline companion.

The inclusion of a transparent perspex dome allows your cat to gaze out into the surroundings while also giving you the opportunity to observe their adorable snoozing and playful antics within their newfound luxurious abode.

Embrace the versatility of the SPUTNIK White Wall Bed by combining it with other Kityful products to create an adventurous cat wall assault course. Your feline friend will delight in the opportunity to climb and explore, offering them an exhilarating environment tailored to their natural instincts.

As an owner, the sheer joy and pleasure derived from witnessing your cats embark on their own thrilling adventures around your home is immeasurable. The SPUTNIK White Wall Bed provides the perfect backdrop for their escapades, turning your living space into a captivating playground for your beloved pets.

Indulge your feline companions with the sophistication and functionality of the SPUTNIK White Wall Bed. Expertly crafted with attention to detail, this remarkable cat furniture piece adds a touch of luxury to your home while catering to your cat’s climbing and exploration desires.

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  • Length 487 mm x Width 370 mm x Height415 mm
  • Interior diameter: 200 mm

Maximum weight: 15 Kg

Material: White melamine with a DM black base.

Use: Furniture for cats, cat bed, house for cats, cat nest, cat cave

Adequate for: kitten, large cat, normal sized cat