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Treat your feline companions to an extraordinary living experience with the PawHut Raindarcy Cat Tree—a sanctuary meticulously engineered to serve as their ultimate all-in-one activity center. Towering at an impressive 125 cm, this multi-tiered haven offers a plethora of features that will engage your cat’s every instinct and desire.

This remarkable structure is constructed with a sturdy particle board frame for enhanced durability and stability, fortified by a broad base at the bottom. Whether your cat wants to climb, explore, or simply lounge around, they can do it all in complete safety.

Cloaked in sumptuously plush fabric, the PawHut Raindarcy Cat Tree exudes comfort and elegance. Its neutral grey and white tones effortlessly blend with any home decor while ensuring a soft, secure environment for both adult cats and kittens. To address your pets’ instinctual need to scratch, the tree incorporates sisal-covered posts that not only provide a safe and durable surface but also help keep their claws in optimal condition.

Each level of this multifaceted structure offers a different form of feline enrichment. They can retreat into a spacious enclosed house for a private escape, climb one of the multiple ladders for a fun workout, engage their playful side with hanging balls, or find solace in one of the cozy sleeping baskets. The topmost perch serves as a lofty throne from which they can survey their kingdom.

While assembly is required, rest assured that the process is uncomplicated, with all essential hardware conveniently included in the package. With overall dimensions of 125H x 49L x 44W cm, this cat tree is ideally suited for cats weighing up to 5kg.

The PawHut Raindarcy Cat Tree is more than just a place for your cats to call their own—it’s a playground, a refuge, and a comfort zone all encapsulated in one spectacular piece. Elevate your pet’s living standards and add a touch of functional elegance to your home with this unparalleled feline oasis.

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DIMENSIONS: 125H x 49L x 44Wcm. House: 28H x 35L x 30Wcm