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The Monzo Cat Tree from PawHut is an oasis of delight for any feline friend. This luxurious cat tree is designed as the ultimate retreat for both play and relaxation, ensuring your cat’s days are filled with joy and contentment. The tree includes an array of features that cater to a cat’s instinctual need to climb, explore, and take cozy naps.

The tree’s core attraction is its variety of napping spots: a small, intimate cat house, a gently swaying hammock, and a plush top bed. Each of these spaces is covered in soft velvet, providing the ultimate sensory experience as your pet snuggles down. The cat house offers a private escape, while the hammock and bed give them prime vantage points to oversee their domain.

When it comes to playtime, the tree boasts a hanging toy ball, perfect for swatting and batting around, stimulating your cat’s natural hunting instincts. For the essential cat activity of scratching, the tree is equipped with sisal scratching posts and a pad. These allow your pet to dig in and sharpen their claws, which helps to deter them from seeking out your furniture for this purpose.

The design of the Monzo Cat Tree is sleek and modern, with natural colors that ensure it will blend seamlessly into your home without clashing with existing décor. The multiple levels are not just functional but also serve to keep your pet active, encouraging them to leap and bound from one spot to the next.

Assembly of this cat tree is required, but it’s a small price to pay for a product that promises to enhance your cat’s daily life significantly. It is suitable for 1-2 cats, each weighing under 5kg, and its robust construction is intended to provide a safe and entertaining environment for your pets to thrive in. With the Monzo Cat Tree, you’re not just giving your cat somewhere to stay; you’re giving them a world to conquer.

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Colour: Grey Blue
Material: Particle board, Velvet (100% Polyester), Sisal, PP Cotton
Overall Dimensions: 48W x 40D x 114Hcm
House Dimensions: 30W x 30D x 30Hcm
Opening Size: Φ20cm
Cushion Dimensions: 27L x 27W x 4Hcm
Bed Dimensions: 43L x 35W x 8Hcm. Interior Dimensions: 34L x 24W x 6.5Hcm
Platform Size: 48L x 40Wcm
Pad Size: 26L x 15Wcm
Hammock Dimensions: Φ30 x 12Hcm
Ramp Size: 48L x 15Hcm
Post Size: Φ6.5cm
Base Size: 48W x 40Dcm
Item Label: D30-766V70BU