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Treat your feline companion with the CanadianCat Scratching Post Dawson, a lavish climbing utopia designed to cater to your cat’s innate instincts. With generous dimensions of approximately 64 x 64 x 182 cm, this extraordinary scratching post provides a wide range of scratching and climbing possibilities, guaranteeing endless entertainment for your beloved pet.

Constructed with durability in mind, the Dawson features a robust base plate that is 3 cm thick, offering a stable and secure base for even the most active cats. This solid foundation ensures that the scratching post remains steadfast, irrespective of how enthusiastically your cat interacts with it.

The Dawson scratching post features two roomy cuddly bags, each with a comfortable diameter of 45 cm. These snugly hideaways serve as inviting spots for lounging, sleeping, and concealing. Situated high on the post, these plush retreats provide your cat a sense of security and peace, offering a favorite hideout for moments of relaxation.

Designed to stimulate your cat’s agility, the Dawson showcases tiers of varying heights, allowing your furry companion to climb and explore to their heart’s content. Each level presents a different challenge, promoting physical activity and arousing their natural curiosity.

A notable feature of the Dawson scratching post is the inclusion of robust sisal poles with a diameter of 15 cm. These sisal poles offer an ideal scratching surface, enabling your cat to maintain their claws and exercise their inherent scratching instincts. Additionally, a thick sisal rope hangs from one of the platforms, providing an extra opportunity for your cat to indulge in a fulfilling scratching session. By offering these durable scratching surfaces, the Dawson effectively diverts your cat’s attention away from your furniture and carpets, providing protection and peace of mind.

Not only does the Dawson provide numerous climbing and scratching options, but it also offers a variety of comfortable resting spots. Your cat can stretch out and unwind on the cozy platforms, curl up for a peaceful nap, or escape to the inviting cuddly house situated at the center of the scratching post. Additionally, a small tunnel underneath the post offers an excellent hiding place, perfect for playful moments or a cozy retreat.

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  • Spacious scratching post with dimensions of approx. 64 x 64 x 182 cm
  • Covered with soft plush for high comfort
  • Sturdy base plate with a thickness of 3 cm for a secure hold< /li>
  • Cuddle bags, each Ø 45 cm
  • Solid sisal trunks (Ø 15 cm) for sharpening claws