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Behold the Maine Coon Extreme Deluxe — a magnum opus in the realm of feline design. Crafted with the finest, most resilient materials, it stands as a grandiose adventure haven for your kitty.

An abundance of sturdy sisal columns graces this structure, ensuring that your spirited feline always has a choice spot to scratch. This thoughtful inclusion not only satisfies their natural scratching urges but also provides a welcome diversion from your household furniture, often at the mercy of those fierce claws.

Meticulously engineered, this multi-tiered playland ensures seamless navigation from its base to the towering perch, presenting an unmatched panoramic view of your living space. Mirroring their wild instincts, cats cherish elevated perches, viewing their surroundings from a vantage point, feeling both secure and regal. With a height soaring to 185 cm, the Maine Coon Extreme Deluxe generously indulges this desire.

Grounded by a commodious housing chamber, this cozy nook offers a serene escape for your cat’s solitary moments. This base enclosure doesn’t just serve as a relaxation zone but also adds a weighted foundation, bolstering the tree’s stability.

Catering to diverse relaxation preferences, it offers two distinct hammock styles. While the swinging hammock lures the more adventurous spirits, the round hammocks, draped in a lush 600GSM plush material, promise a spa-grade reprieve. Their robust build, tested to hold up to 24kg, ensures they’re as sturdy as they are plush.

For that added dash of excitement, a thick 5cm play rope dangles invitingly, sure to whip your energetic feline into playful frenzies.

The Maine Coon Extreme Deluxe isn’t just a cat tree; it’s an experience, a veritable wonderland for your furry friend.

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  • – base size: 60 x 50 cm – height: 185 cm – scratching trunks: sisal, Ø 12 cm – colour: cream – also suitable for big cats – will be shipped in 2 boxes