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Introducing the Kasil Palace: Prepare for an exhilarating adventure playground designed specifically for your feline companion! The Kasil Palace cat tree is a true haven for cats of all shapes and sizes, providing them with exceptional strength and stability.

This cat tree boasts multiple platforms that cater to your cat’s climbing instincts, ensuring they can explore and play to their heart’s content. Each platform is strategically positioned near a robust scratching post, allowing your cats to indulge in their natural urge to dig their claws into satisfying surfaces.

The 11cm diameter posts incorporated in the design are incredibly sturdy, capable of handling even the strongest and most energetic cats. Furthermore, the middle-level housing area offers a cozy sanctuary where your feline friend can find solace and relaxation. We’ve even included a lovely removable pillow for added comfort, ensuring your cat feels truly pampered.

To further enhance your cat’s entertainment, a chunky and thick rope dangles enticingly, providing an additional element of play. Your cat will be thrilled with this extra feature, adding excitement and variety to their playtime.

At the penthouse level, a unique hammock awaits your cat’s discovery. This cozy hammock will quickly become their favorite spot to unwind and relax. They’ll enjoy lounging in comfort while observing their surroundings from a peaceful vantage point.

Invest in the Kasil Palace and treat your feline companion to an adventure-filled playground that combines strength, stability, and entertainment. Watch as your cats climb, scratch, and play to their heart’s content, knowing they have a durable and secure structure to support their activities. The removable pillow and enticing rope provide additional elements of comfort and amusement, ensuring your cat’s satisfaction.

Create a palace fit for your regal feline with the Kasil Palace cat tree—a world of excitement awaits!

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– base size: 100 x 50 cm – height: 203 cm – scratching trunks: sisal, Ø 11 cm – colour: brown – will be shipped in 3 boxes