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Uplift your feline friend’s lifestyle to new heights with the Gopala Cat Tree—a tri-level oasis meticulously crafted for the ultimate in cat leisure and pleasure. Despite its compact form, this multi-tiered play tower overflows with features that cater to your indoor cat’s diverse needs—be it for relaxation, entertainment, or slumber. From a snuggly bottom hideaway and a middle perch for leisurely lounging to a top bed designed for elevated rest, the Gopala Cat Tree ensures that your pet enjoys a multitude of perspectives and comfort zones tailored to their fickle hearts. Plus, the bottom house even comes with a detachable cover for effortless style updates.

Pairing comfort with safety, the Gopala Cat Tree offers your cat a designated space for scratching that is both satisfying and furniture-friendly. Thanks to sisal rope-wrapped posts, your pet can engage in their natural scratching behavior without endangering your furniture. The sumptuous plush fabric that lines each perch and corner introduces a dash of luxury, making every nook and cranny irresistibly cozy. Anchored by a robust particle board framework, this tree assures a secure, shake-free environment where your cat can leap, climb, and recline without a second thought.

Sporting dimensions of 96H x 45L x 40W cm and a maximum weight limit of 4.5 kg, this cat tree seamlessly blends into any indoor living space, making it a perfect fit for homes with indoor felines. Though assembly is necessary, the unparalleled comfort and joy it promises to deliver to your cherished pet make it an investment that pays emotional dividends. The Gopala Cat Tree isn’t just another piece of pet furniture—it’s a harmonious blend of elegance, durability, and supreme feline comfort, promising to become your cat’s most treasured hangout.

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DIMENSIONS: 96H x 45L x 40Wcm. Cat House: 28H x 45L x 40Wcm. House door: Ф18cm.